Is Life Feeling Muddy?


Do you ever feel like you are walking through muddy waters? It’s exhausting! Life can seem flat, dull and unclear. We think we are on the right path but something is off. Sometimes we forget that we can pray and ask for the Holy Spirit to illuminate our hearts and reveal motives. All a person’s […]

The Real Reason Teens Overreact

The Real Reason Teens Overreact

We’ve all seen teens overact. As parents we have interactions that leave us feeling like we’ve just taken a handful of crazy pills. We wonder what just happened and how things escalated so quickly. Emotional outbursts are common for teens and it’s easy to blame hormones or stress, but there might be another answer. When […]

Love at 20 Years of Marriage Part 2


Special Note: Today’s post is by my husband Michael Howard, in honor of our 20th Anniversary! This year Angela and I will have spent half of our lives together, and it’s a good thing she got me for this half. My first half wasn’t all that stellar. I’m a handful now; being married to me […]

Love at 20 Years of Marriage Part 1


Michael and I have been married for half of our lives—20 years. It’s okay if you want to applaud or send gifts. New towels or sheets would be perfect! After 20 years we celebrate our anniversary for totally different reasons than for when we were married for 5 years or even 15 years. We’re committed […]

Pivot—Small Steps, Big Change


Pivot. I’ve been thinking a lot about small steps that create big changes this summer. Why? Because my 15 year-old son is learning to drive. I was a cool, laid back mom for the first few weeks of driving lessons. I mean really cool. No yelling. No freaking out. I was very supportive and encouraging. […]

Trusting God through the Parenting Marathon

Trusting God through the Parenting Marathon

I sneak a peek at Emily over my latte, watching her stir a tall glass of iced tea. She’s a young woman now. That little girl who wanted me to read Cinderella over and over until she had it memorized has disappeared. Somewhere between snuggles, ballet recitals and homework Emily grew into this strong woman […]

5 Ways to Savor the Summertime


Do you ever feel like the summertime isn’t real life? The weather is a little too good to be true (we get more than 40 inches of rain per year where I live in Washington!). It seems like everyone is leaving work early and taking off Fridays to go camping. The kids are out of […]

5 Ways to Bring out the Best in Your Friends

5 Ways to Bring Out the Best in Your Friends

My lifelong friend Jennifer and I met when we were 6 years old. While the other little girls played sports and climbed the jungle gym, Jennifer and I talked while we walked around the field that surrounded the playground. 34 years later we’re still talking. Even though we’re separated by 175 miles we somehow find […]