The Cure for Self-Deception

the cure for self deception

We’ve all said it to our spouses and to our kids: “I wish I could record you right now! Then you would know why I am so mad. You would be horrified at your behavior!” If they could just see themselves. It’s been said that there are three sides to every story—yours, mine and the […]

Don’t Let Your Schedule Suck the Life Out of You

Don't Let Your Schedule Suck the Life Out of You

Our family thrives on a schedule. It keeps us on track and focused on our goals. But at the end of the school year I noticed that the schedule was actually starting to suck the life out of us. Apathy had set in as I sent the kids to school with some pretzels and a […]

Are You Running From Pain?

Are You Running From Pain

Generally speaking I try to avoid pain. This is probably why I don’t lift weights or run marathons.  Or run at all, if I can help it. There’s a natural tendency in all of us to numb our pain with quick fixes—take an ibuprofen, eat a bowl of ice cream, or shut down those pesky […]

How Do You Define Identity?


How do you define your identity? Is it by your role as a husband, a wife, a mother or a father? Do you see yourself as someone’s daughter or son? If I asked you to define yourself would you start with your career or your favorite pastime? Many of our roles are transient and can change in […]

Bad Advice and Comfortless One-Liners

Bad Advice and Comfortless One-Liners

I will never forget working at a bank while I was pregnant with Benjamin. For some reason pregnancy seems to invite bad advice, comfortless one- liners and horror stories that would make any pregnant woman have nightmares. My worst experience occurred at eight months when a woman commented, “Eight months pregnant, huh? I had a […]

One Foolproof Way to Safeguard Your Marriage


Marriage is beautiful. But it can also be a battlefield. Hopefully our battles smooth off our rough edges and we become who we were intended to be—grace-filled, loving, compassionate followers of Christ. How do we safeguard our marriage? How do we make it worth fighting for? This past weekend I was feeling inspired to clean, […]

Top 10 Signs You Should Seek Counseling

Top 10 Signs You Should Seek Counseling

It’s always been our family joke that we’re saving for counseling instead of college. But the more life I’ve lived, the less of a joke it’s become. Despite the stigma, I will always rally in favor of counseling. It has been one of the best investments Michael and I have made in our marriage, in […]

No Matter How Dark Your Past or Present


Praying that the God of hope, redemption and new life will fill you with joy as you trust Him–with your past, your present and your future! Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see. Hebrews 11:1 (NLT)