Are You Empowered Today?

Are You Empowered Today

My Prayer: Lord, help us to be unified and empowered in our purpose—to know and glorify You!

Powerful vs. Patient

Powerful vs Patient

Patience is not my strong suit. I’m sure I have moments of clarity where I appear easy-going. “Please go ahead of me, I don’t mind waiting.”  But generally speaking I’m a… Get-it-done yesterday! Come on! Let’s wrap this up! What’s taking SOOOO long?! …kind of person. This shows up most often with my kids. My […]

I Blame You!

I Blame You

The Blame Game.  Do you play it? In the middle of overwhelming feelings and overpowering anger, the Blame Game can become second nature. We give into our righteous (or not-so-righteous) indignation, and before you know it our internal monologue is excusing all manner of bad behavior. You are making me so mad! How could he […]

Book Review: Undone


Life is rarely neat and tidy. If you are anything like me you find yourself longing for a glimpse of the well-ordered world you dream of in the middle of crisis and chaos. But what happens when we find ourselves Undone? Her Story “Michele Cushatt is on a quest to make peace with a complicated […]

All Scripture?

All Scripture

“Why are you listening to that?” My fifteen year-old son Benjamin walked into the family room while I was listening to the Bible on CD. It just happened to be at the section of Exodus right past the excitement and drama of the plagues, the crossing of the Red Sea and the Ten Commandments. He […]

Ease and Quiet

Ease and Quiet

Do you ever find yourself longing for a bit of ease and quiet? I think we all do. Wouldn’t it be nice if life went along smoothly, if our bills were small and our work successful? Don’t we all dream of relationships that are full of sunshine and roses with kids who are perfectly behaved? […]

Marriage: Stolen Moments that Matter

Marriage Stolen Moments that Matter

Recently I took advantage of a stolen moment and went to my local library alone. It wasn’t planned, but I needed some time to recharge and I realized there was nothing on my schedule—a rare pleasure that I am working to make a little less uncommon. I found a little corner by the windows and […]

Are You Sidetracked?


The sobbing from down the hallway got progressively louder until Andrea heard her daughter Gracie yelling, “Mom, I sold my shirt!” Sold her shirt? My sister Andrea was mere feet away from her daughters Gracie (3 ½) and Lexi (2 ½) as they were playing in their bedroom. How could that happen?  They were crying […]