An Intentional Christmas: Tips to Savor the Season

An Intentional Christmas Tips to Savor the Season

Each year as we set up our Christmas decorations—all 11 totes (I know; it’s ridiculous!) I think about the coming weeks: the times of reflection, the festive celebrations and the chance to make special memories with my family and friends. I’m well aware that all of these wonderful opportunities will slip away unless I choose […]

When the Holidays Aren’t Very Happy


As a young wife and mother the holidays weren’t very happy for me. Although I went to great lengths to create a joyous atmosphere—beautiful decorations, music, special events and favorite treats—my efforts often fell flat due to the fact that we had yet to discover that my husband had bipolar 2 disorder. For Michael, the increased […]

Beyond Your Comfort Zone


If you stop running because you don’t like a particular aspect of your race, you will miss out on the growth that comes from being stretched beyond your comfort zone. –Christine Caine I’m always amazed at the talent and creativity of parents who are able to achieve elaborate themed birthday parties for their kids every […]

Do You Feel Disqualified?


Do you ever feel disqualified? Have you experienced failure, heartbreak, or committed a sin that left you wondering if you should be benched, banned or declared ineligible for service? I have. It’s defeat at its highest and it’s likely a distortion of the truth. I’m not good enough. Why would God choose me? When will […]

Detours, Delays and Destiny


Part of reaching your destiny is understanding your detours. – Tony Evans Traveling home after a weekend speaking engagement, I found myself in a long line of cars completely stopped on a two lane highway. I couldn’t see what was causing the pile-up, but one by one each vehicle started making a precarious three point […]

We Have a Winner—Congratulations!


Last Thursday I launched my first contest to give away a free signed copy of my book: How to Love Your Crazy Family—52 Quick Reads for No Ordinary Days. Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter to win! I’m super excited to announce that we have a winner! The Winner Is: Lori […]

About Your Prodigal

About Your Prodigal

Special Note: Today’s Guest Post is by my dear friend Sherrie St. Hilaire. Weaving words is clearly her calling as she creates a tapestry of emotion and clarity that brings truth. Sherrie has a gift that carries you away on a journey where you find your soul refreshed and your heart renewed. Don’t miss this […]

BIG NEWS and Free Gift!


I have BIG NEWS and a chance for you to win a Free Gift! I am thrilled to announce that How to Love Your Crazy—52 Quick Reads for No Ordinary Days is now in paperback and available for purchase. Here’s a short synopsis of the book in case you haven’t read it yet: Is authentic […]