Reminder–FREE Giveaway!


To celebrate my new website design I’m giving away 3 FREE copies of my book: How to Love Your Crazy Family—52 Quick Reads for No Ordinary Days. If you want to enter to win you only need to: • Share last Thursday’s post about my new website on your Facebook page saying why you love […]

NOT Picture Perfect!

NOT Picture Perfect

When looking at someone’s family photo or selfie have you ever thought, Oh come on, really? That doesn’t even look like them! We’ve all done it. Why is everyone trying for this picture perfect image when the real life imperfections are what we relate to anyway? Life is messy! It’s not airbrushed, and we can’t […]

My New Website and a FREE Giveaway!

Family Picture Upclose

Today is the big day! It’s Christmas and my birthday all wrapped up into one! I’ve been working on my new website with Deluxe Designs and April Williams Photography. I’m thrilled to share the changes that I’ve made because they were made with YOU in mind! I hope when you look through the website you […]

Love—It Just Gets Better

Love-It Just Gets Better

When Michael and I fell in love we were only 19 years old. I’m not sure we knew what love would require of us, but nevertheless we jumped in with both feet and said I do just one year later. We had some pretty great things in our corner:  Our parents’ support, unwavering commitment and […]

Connections that Count

Connections that Count

“Is that really you?” I hugged my friend Lisa with surprise, and at the same time with concern. You don’t expect to run into people you know in the ER waiting room.  But that’s exactly what happened. Lisa and I hadn’t seen each other in months, but we both were happy to see a friendly […]

A Blessing

A blessing

When was the last time you received a blessing? I usually think of a blessing as something good happening to me, or as something good given to me. But in the Bible it is much more than that. We most often see a father blessing a child and it usually involves ceremony and deep intimate […]

5 Keys to Regaining Purpose

5 Keys to Regaining Purpose

A couple of years ago I was in Seattle attending a writer’s conference. At the end of the night I hopped in the car to drive to my aunt’s house for the evening. Having been there several times before I wasn’t concerned about getting lost, but before I knew it that’s exactly what I was. […]

God Uses Unlikely People to Do Unlikely Things


Throughout the Bible “God uses highly unlikely people to do highly unlikely things that have a highly unlikely outcome.” (Christine Caine)     Moses, with a speech impediment, demands that Pharaoh would free his people from Egypt. David, a simple shepherd, who would lead Israel as King. Peter and Andrew, uneducated, fishermen who spread the […]